class HelpController




Hipposoft 2010


Display help pages.

15-Jan-2010 (ADH): Created by consolidating an increasing
                   number of duplicated help controllers.
18-Oct-2011 (ADH): Imported into TrackRecord.

Public Instance Methods

show() click to toggle source
# File app/controllers/help_controller.rb, line 22
def show
  # The ":id" value ends up being used as the name of a Partial to be
  # rendered by the 'help' view. To stop hackers putting dots, slashes
  # etc. into a URL in an attempt to get the renderer to load a different
  # Partial, only let "a-z" and underscores through.

  @partial = params[ :id ].gsub( /[^a-z_]/, '' )
skip_main_heading?() click to toggle source

Hide the main heading; it is output by the view rather than letting the layout do it so that both heading and body text can be wrapped in a single DIV for CSS styling of the whole text block, if required.

# File app/controllers/help_controller.rb, line 18
def skip_main_heading?
  action_name == 'show'