module HelpHelper




Hipposoft 2010


Utility methods for views providing help text.

15-Jan-2010 (ADH): Created.
18-Oct-2011 (ADH): Imported into TrackRecord.

Public Instance Methods

help_url( url ) click to toggle source

Pass a URL. Returns HTML consisting of an image linked to the given URL on the assumption that this URL is for some kind of help page.

# File app/helpers/help_helper.rb, line 24
def help_url( url )

  # We link to an image tag so that we don't have to worry about inline
  # block styling and bugs in some browsers related to those; we want an
  # image, but we want an image we can change in CSS for a 'hover' state.
  # So, use a blank foreground image and set a background image in CSS.
  # See the "help" class styling in the CSS file for the styles that make
  # things work.
  # Yes, this is just Yet Another Hack for the mess that is HTML + CSS.

      :size  => '16x16',
      :alt   => '?',
      :class => 'help'
    :target => '_blank',
    :class  => 'help'